High School Offensive Tackles

Posted on Mon 14 March 2016 in data-exploration • Tagged with nfl

Offensive Tackles in Football

So I have a brother who is currently 16 and plays high school football as an offensive tackle. He is 6 feet 2 inches and weights 250 pounds. Now that is a big kid. His dream is to play professional football one day.

The first step to playing professional football is to play college football for hopefully a good team. Not knowing much about what it takes to get recruited by a top college football team, I thought I would look for some data. Fortunately, ESPN has height and weight data on the top 100 offensive tackles
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Fantasy Football

Posted on Wed 30 September 2015 in data-exploration • Tagged with nfl

Fantasy Football

So - this is my first year participating in a fantasy football league. I enjoy football, but I typically only keep up with a few teams, so drafting an actual team was a bit daunting. So, like most things, I relied on data to help me out. I spent some time researching strategy, looking at projections, and even simulating some drafts. Draft day came and I felt pretty good about my team...but now I am currently 0-3 for the season. Ha.

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Talk Pay

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